2020 Onboard with track openers

These are Romaniacs 2020 Official track opener staff in action..
Gold and Silver track openers, they have very, very early morning starts and are in a hurry to stay in front of the competitors.
There are also openers for the other race class tracks .
Opening the gates, checking there are no track blockages.
Leaving a fresh mark on the track to aid competitors navigation.
The track ''Openers'' are ALL very competent experienced Romanian and selected international riders. 

If you want to help at Romaniacs then carefully read the Guide jobs information, many volunteers come to assist before and during the event, there are many jobs also available that also do not require riding motorcycles.

Gold - Offroad time trial qualification (replaced the In-city Prolog in 2020) 
Silver - Offroad Time trial qualification  (replaced the In-city Prolog in 2020) 

Gold & Silver - Offroad day 1 
Silver - Offroad day 1

Gold & Silver - Offroad day 2
Silver - Offroad day 2

Gold & Silver - Offroad day 3
Silver - Offroad day 3

Gold & Silver - Offroad day 4
Silver - Offroad day 4

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