2022: Alfredo Gomez Prolog WINNER

Red Bull Romaniacs
The world's toughest hard enduro rallye
July 26-30.2022  In Madness We Trust  Edition 19

2022 competitor profile Alfredo Gomez Cantero
Alfredo 2022 Event podium record

Red Bull Romaniacs Prolog
Prolog Podium records
Alfredo shares most Prolog wins with Paul Bolton
6 times he has been on the Prolog Podium steps
3 times as Prolog winner 2022   2017   2016  
2 times second  2020  2015
1 time third 2021 (Offroad TTQ)

Red Bull Romaniacs Overall results
Results Podium records

2022 was a Tough event For Alfredo, he was forced
to retire from the event..
5 times has been on The Overall event Podium
3 times in second place 2019   2016   2013
2 times in third place 2020   2015 

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