2022: Catch me if you can

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
July 26-30. 2022  In Madness We Trust  Edition 19

Hours and hours of tough and hard racing, it's all about chasing, catching and passing the other competitors and then riding so hard and so fast that you keep them behind you.
Wonderful racing, Red Bull Romaniacs Martin Freinademetz organiser & Race Track Director Teo Isac they both really understand what hard enduro rallye racers really, really want. Tracks that challenge all competitor race classes Atom, Iron, Bronze, Silver and the Professional Gold class .  
The tracks are searched for and found after many, many months of scouting and test track riding to create the ultimate terrain challenges that will fully test the abilities, strengths and determination of the World's best racers, only the best competitor over 5 days of racing can become OVERALL event WINNERS.

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