2022: Countdown to Edition 19

Entering the world of extreme, Matthias Walkner will take on the Red Bull Romaniacs 2022 on a rally-raid bike, tackling the Bronze class with Pol Tarres on his Tenere 700 

Sibiu / Hermannstadt, Romania, 08 July, 2022 - The countdown is on, with less than 3 weeks until the fifth and longest event of the Hard Enduro World Championships takes place in Sibiu, Romania. There is a sense of anticipation and building excitement as the competitors and fans get ready to descend upon the region that has become the heart of the hard enduro world, the Carpathian mountains. 

The latest development in the Bronze class is breaking news at the Red Bull Romaniacs headquarters. Pol Tarres will once again be racing his Yamaha Tenere 700 twin cylinder adventure motorcycle, this time not only throughout the challenging four Offroad days but he will attempt to negotiate the man-made obstacles at this year's prolog. The exciting news is that he will not be alone out there on his big bike, Austria’s Matthias Walkner, winner of the Dakar Rally (2018) and twice in second position, two time winner in the FIM Cross-Country World Championship, will be bringing his KTM 450 Rally Factory bike to the bronze tracks. The two competitors come with more than enough experience, ability and reputation, one has a year of Romaniacs on an adventure motorcycle under his belt already, the other has a slightly lighter bike to manoeuvre and many rallye kilometres behind him. All eyes will be watching the impending battle between Matthias Walkner and Pol Tarres as they compete against each other in the discipline of hard enduro on such gnarly and technical Romaniacs tracks.

The 19th edition of Red Bull Romaniacs: In Madness We Trust, will see the highest number of nations on the start line in the championship series, all with the same goal in mind, to pass through the finishers arch at the end of the five days of intense, extreme hard enduro rallye action. 
The first call to action will be on Monday 25 July as competitors from all nations and all classes will fill the historic streets of Sibiu for the “Nation's city ride”. 
Founder, Martin Freinademetz and prolog mastermind, Andy Fazekas will lead with the Gold class, followed by all the 2022 competitors, waving their nations flag, riding by the most iconic landmarks through the heart of the mediaeval city. This will present a one of a kind photograph and video opportunity for the media teams, competitor assistants, service crews, event supporters, fans and spectators. 

The parade will lead to the in-city prolog location on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, where the pre-event ''Media Show'' will take place. Gold class and Hard Enduro World Championship competitors will ride a trial run of the prolog, a chance for pre-event photo shooting, video filming for media, journalists and television,  followed by a press conference, competitor presentation and the opportunity for media interviews with selected Gold class and invited competitors.

On Tuesday 26 July the madness will be unleashed. After a 2 year hiatus from the prolog the atmosphere will be off the charts. The in-city Prolog will be attended by thousands of cheering spectators while the rest of the world will be able to watch the finals online via live transmission from 17:15 Eastern European Time. Meanwhile the exclusive Red Bull Romaniacs Live News content creation team will be providing coverage on the website of the qualifying rounds for all classes, as well as the social channels.

Red Bull Romaniacs is not only renowned for the toughest technical terrain, but also for the endurance and stamina that it demands. Combined these factors result in competitors having to dig deep both physically and mentally in order to complete the four long, consecutive offroad days successfully. For some this is not enough and the challenge is continually being amped up…Competitors have become anticipative to see what ‘new’ surprises Martin throws into the mix! This year an overnight between Offroad Day 2 and Day 3 at the Rânca ski resort has been added which gives access to new terrain in the Valcea county region, reaching elevations of over 2000 metres, which in itself incites new challenges. Unlike the ‘One night stand’ bivouac in 2021, support crews, press, media and family will also be able to join competitors for the overnight stay at the Rânca ski resort. 

Gold class competitors will be released into a completely new playground where no one competitor has the advantage of terrain knowledge over another, they are equals to fight it out in unexplored new territory. 
Gold class is represented by a combination of worthy factory riders and privateers. Manuel Lettenbichler (DEU, KTM) who has the potential to make this year his fourth win, unless Graham Jarvis (GBR, Husqvarna) has his way and can pick up where he left off in 2021, when Mani and Jarvis held a significant lead until Jarvis sustained a knee injury during Offroad day 2. Then there are the experienced Alfredo Gomez (ESP), Wade Young (ZAF, Sherco), Mario Roman (ESP, Sherco), Taddy Blazusiak (POL, GAS GAS) who are also all strong contenders. But there may be a shift in focus as some newcomers to the world enduro scene are determined to make their mark. Trystan Hart (KTM), from Canada, is one such rider who has already proved to be a real threat. Having ranked 7 in 2021 at his first ever Red Bull Romaniacs, he’ll be looking to go all the way this year. Pushing hard to close the gap on the top guys are Teodor Kabakchiev (BGR, Husqvarna), Michael Walkner (AUS, GAS GAS), David Cyprian (CZE, KTM) and Matthew Green (ZAF, KTM). Billy Bolt (GBR, Husqvarna) will no longer pose a threat to the podium after his withdrawal due to a hand injury requiring surgery.

Veteran Red Bull Romaniacs competitor Chris Birch (NZL, KTM) can not seem to rid the Carpathian mountains from his veins, having been on the podium five times, 2007 - 2011, including taking the win in 2010, the legend will be returning. Birch will be bringing his KTM500 exc motorcycle to the Silver Class.

Mani Lettenbichler: “I'm excited for In Madness We Trust. Excited to go out to a new area overnight, I hope the track managers have come up with some cool new tracks and new race places. I’m feeling pretty good on the bike, it’ll be 4 long days. It's going to be super nice seeing all the hobby and amateur guys going out there and shredding some good trails and all having fun together”

Trystan Hart: “I learnt a lot last year. This year I'm going to focus on trying to stay with the front guys. I want to try to ride with them & learn from them because they know this area so well and they're such good riders in these mountains. Mani and Jarvis are the two competitors to watch for this year in my opinion. My goal is to have fun and see what I can do”.

For the first time ever Romaniacs will be entering into the crypto world. A limited edition of 2500 Non-fungible tokens will be issued via romaniacs.org making Romaniacs pioneers in the world of NFT’s and hard enduro. A wide selection of rewards are on offer with a ‘feel good’ motivational highlight as the project is aimed at giving back to the community and competitors at the same time. 5% of sales go towards the Enduro for Charity project, 1% towards an environmental NGO to conserve and protect the Carpathian Mountains and 5% will go towards the prize money for the Gold class. Red Bull Romaniacs recognizes that these are the ambassadors of the hard enduro sport and already allocate 15,000 Euros in prize money for the top 10 Gold competitors, now they'll be awarded an additional 5% from the NFT’s. 

How to watch Red Bull Romaniacs:

Red Bull Romaniacs will be announcing a new game changer in terms of bringing daily live action to the viewers. Live, raw filming directly from the tracks will give the viewers a close look at the real action, struggles and pain that the competitors endure during each race day. Information about the live show will be made public prior to each Offroad day during the event. Track action will include commentary from experts such as Paul Bolton, Darryl Curtis, Craig Stone and Martin Freinademetz. 
Live streams from the Prolog and the Gusterita finish will be aired on the Red Bull Romaniacs website and social media channels.
Red Bull daily highlights and live clips will be shown on Red Bull TV and Red Bull Motorsports facebook.
Follow the countdown to In Madness We Trust, edition 19, and minute by minute action during the five days via Red Bull Romaniacs Live News on the website and the social media Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channels.

Live News is a concept that Red Bull Romaniacs developed and grew, it consists of a large ‘content creation team’ spread throughout the tracks gathering footage which is validated and published at headquarters so that viewers are able to catch the best action within minutes of it happening. The team covers all five classes and showcases some of the spectacular Romanian landscape.
Official spectator points will be announced nearer to the time of the event.  

The Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye was created in 2004 by founder Martin Freinademetz. Over the years it has become the world’s toughest Hard Enduro Rallye. In Madness We Trust is the 19th edition from the 26-30 July 2022. The countdown has begun, see you in Sibiu.

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