2022: Enduro DKA reports

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
July 26-30. 2022  In Madness We Trust  Edition 19

Video report from Enduro DKA

At 47 years of age, The King of Carpathians, Graham Jarvis, wins Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rally for the seventh time!
What an unbelievable performance. Though he had the fifth time of today, he managed to keep enough time distance to Teo Kabakchiev to complete his seventh race win in Romania!
Just brilliant. The Bulgarian competitor felt short just a little over 8 minutes behind the King.
Mario Roman completes the 2022 Edition 19 third on the podium with another stellar performance.

Congratulations to all the competitors!
GOLD class OVERALL results:
1. Graham Jarvis 2. Teodor Kabakchiev 3. Mario Roman 4. Trystan Hart 5. Michael Walkner 6. Manuel Lettenbichler 7. Matthew Green 8. David Cyprian 9. Suff Sella 10. Rigor Rico

Thanks: Red Bull Content Pool

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