2022 Offroad Day 2 Rânca overnight

 Red Bull Romaniacs is ‘The world’s toughest hard enduro rallye’ and has the most off road riding days in the hard enduro world as well as the longest hours of competition racing every day.

Competitors have to tackle the most incredible Romanian terrain to reach the top of mountains and then get back down again into the valleys.  Keeping all of this adventurous hard enduro rallye spirit alive and flowing, ‘Edition 19’ has been given the event signature name ‘In madness we trust’. 
Martin Freinademetz, organiser of Red Bull Romaniacs, again! is providing an 'overnight accommodation' challenge for competitors. 
Competitors assistants, service suppliers, event supporters can also head towards Rânca and sleep overnight in accommodation at the recently developed Ski resort at Rânca, it is located at 1,600 metres elevation, at the foothill of Păpuşa Peak in the Parâng Mountains. 
The competitors will finish offroad day 2 by driving up the highest elevation public road in Romania to reach 'overnight accommodation' at one of the most ‘essential to see’ tourism viewpoint resorts of Romania.
Enthusiastic Motorcyclists and car drivers from all over Europe come to travel along the famous scenic road curves that make up the famous ‘Transalpina tourist road’; most making an overnight stay at Rânca to enjoy the famous mountain views from the resort. 

Offroad day 2, Thursday July 28.- Overnight at Rânca
Detailed information will be announced closer to the event online in For Competitors and in the Race Program


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