Follow competitors race progress

Understanding LIVE race progress results
During the July 25-29. 2023 Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro the race progress of competitors as they are competing is displayed
How? Competitors have transponders on their motorcycles, as they arrive at each event timing checkpoint (CP) their arrival time is collected, that information and the current ranking position is calculated.  

During the race, the Red Bull Romaniacs Website home page displays race progress.
These can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers
Note:- Race progress ranking is interactive, rank changes happen throughout each race event:
In-city Prolog
Qualification race progress
- Finals rank Layout race progress,.these are the 35 competitor who have qualified to compete in the Finals, displays rank and start position.
- Finals race progress, shows the ranking as they race.
- Prolog Overall - When Prolog Overall results results go ''Official' then the Offroad day 1 starting times become published.

Offroad days
- Day race progress results
- Overall at CP  - Overall race progress are re-calculated each time a competitor reaches a timing CheckPoint
- Overall results - shows overall race progress for each race day so far and the Overall ranking position.
- The next days 'estimated' starting times are produced when competitors arrive at the offroad finish.

Red Bull Romaniacs 2022 FULLY POPULATED results
2022 Prolog Official results
Qualifications  |   Finals rank layout   |   Finals   |  Overall

2022 Offroad days
Day 4    |    Overall by CP   |  Overall

Day 3    |    Overall by CP   |  Overall  

Day 2    |    Overall by CP   |  Overall

Day 1    |    Overall by CP   |  Overall

Top tip 
On any event results page viewers can use the search 'selector'. to watch results:
by a competitors Nationality (GBR)
or by
Competitor(s) bib's (100, 104, 120)
or by
Competitor name (examples  Jarvis, Dmitry)

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