What is on? Where on the RBR website?

The website has 6 main menus 
Home | Information | For Competitors | Results | Videos | Photos
In each of these menus are a collection of webpages providing information.

Here is a summary of the main webpages
During the event the home page is 'constantly interactive' showing Daily Live information:
- LIVEstreaming
- LIVEmaniacs  
- Replays of LIVE shows for viewers on different continents.
- RBMH daily video
Before event - previous years 'The movie' and Highlight videos ffrom previous years.
- Displays Prolog, Offroad days and event overall race progress results as competitors race.
- Displays Important links to daily information during the event.
and much more....

All about the event:
- The race program  
- Event opening Ceremony
- The In-city Prolog
- Information for media
- Spectator points
- About Sibiu
and much more...

For competitors
Displays all the important information competitors need to know:
- Registration / Picking the right race class
- The Romaniacs event regulations
- The Prolog regulations
- Race servicing/ Motorcycle rental /Motorcycle rental
- Good to know - GPS information / What is supplied to competitors
- Competitor photo service
- Practice track
and much more.

Results   Event archives
- Displays results details from the current race year
- Prolog
- Starting times
- Day results
- Overall results
- Overall results as competitors reach every checkpoint
Displays results archives since 2007

Clicking on any competitor name on a results page displays:
Competitors profile information:-
- A photograph taken at event Inscription in Sibiu
- Finishers photograph
- Results table, showing daily ranking
- Video clips of the competitor in action
- Action photos of the competitor in action....

Photos  Event archives
Event photo archive from 2015

Videos  Event archives
In this menu is the archive of 20 years of Red Bull Romaniacs
It includes daily videos and highlights from Red Bull Media house for every year of Red Bull Romaniacs


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