Marathon bivouac information

Red Bull Romaniacs adds a marathon bivouac stage to the World’s toughest hard enduro rallye

Can the madness get “madder”? Red Bull Romaniacs organizer Martin Freinademetz thinks it can:  For 2021 Martin has added a marathon stage, in order to reach new offroad regions.

"The idea of a bivouac night has been on our minds for years, we started planning it two years ago and we have finally set it up this year. Romanian wilderness is something unique and our marathon stage will, for sure, be an amazing experience for all competitors. There is no limit to how wild Red Bull Romaniacs can be!. Competitors will have a chance to test their own mechanical skills, mixed with the ultimate outdoor experience”, says Martin Freinademetz, organizer of the Red Bull Romaniacs. "And without being able to have our prolog and spectators we have come up with the marathon bivouac to keep it interesting out there!”

From the day2 Service Point until the day3 Service Point competitors will have to take care of their motorbikes with only the tools they carry with them, they will spend the evening and night in an outdoor overnight bivouac in the Romanian wilderness. In order to make things more challenging, there is no access for service mechanics, support teams, no tyre changing, no friends and family and no internet or phone signal. 

It is permitted to change tyres and mousses at the day2 & day3 Service Points.

It is a “competitors ONLY marathon bivouac'' - all competitors together with their motorbikes, their tents and a camp fire atmosphere. 
This marathon stage adds a new and unique level to hard enduro rallye endurance. 

The last chance for service crews, family and friends to make sure competitors and their motorbikes are ready to race to the ofroad day2 offroad finish and then next morning to the day3 Service Point will be at the day2 service point, we are providing additional time at both offroad day2 & offroad day3 Service Points to allow more competitor preparation and motorcycle servicing time. 
The offroad day2 offroad finish and the offoroad day3 offroad start are close to the marathon bivouac.

For their evening and overnight needs, toothbrush, dry clothes, tent, sleeping bag, competitors will receive a 'marathon bivouac baggage holder' that will be transported to and from the overnight bivouac for them.

What is provided at the marathon bivouac for ALL competitors?
on arrival - pasta meal
'marathon baggage holder' delivery to bivouac and return to competitor paddock.
overnight motorcycle security parking.
evening meal, breakfast, drinking water, shower & toilets facilities.  
food court, beer bar. 
results viewing and results protest facilities
administration / charging phones / GPS handout facilities.
first aid Medical facilities
camp fires and a separate music playing location 

In July at the bivouac location the overnight temperature is around +10 degrees C 
Competitors bring your own tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, but if you don't want to, you have the option of a rental tent already erected for you. Cost is 50 Euro. An order should be placed before June 15, contact Cristina Badiu

Competitors service crew, families, friends
They will head directly back to Sibiu after the day2 Service Point and can have a peaceful night out in Sibiu and a later waking up time on the morning of offroad day3.

Regulations for the 'marathon bivouac' can be found in the event regulations section 9.9 

More 'detailed information' will be available about the 'marathon bivouac' closer to the event.

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