Event Inscription - Sunday July 21

Location: Romaniacs race Ramada hotel Str Emil Cioran Nr 2, Sibiu
Sunday July 21 - Competitors to arrive at the below times
Bronze class
BIB no.          Time
300-350=09:00-10:00   351-400=10:00-11:00   401-450=11:00-12:00
451-500=12:00-13:00   501-550=13:00-14:00   551-600=14:00-15:00          
Atom class
BIB no.          Time
900-950=14:00-15:00   951-990=15:00-16:00
Iron class
BIB no.          Time
700-750=16:00-17:00    751-800=17:00-18:00   801-880=18:00-19:00
Late travel arrivals - 19:00-22:00

Note: If you are not able to arrive on these Inscription days or times contact Cristina Badiu cristinab@xventure.net with a day and time that you will be available.

Gold and Silver class Inscription is on Monday July 22

For Inscription process
- Competitors bring the mobile phone you will carry when racing and the 'survival equipment' for Rescue team checks Romaniacs event regulations 6. Survival equipment|Contacts|Accidents
- Competitors hand-in their GPS    Watch the GPS video Training / Tutorial / GPS settings for Romaniacs

- Competitors - Check your registration 'competitor account' BEFORE travelling to Romania, If there are mandatory questions to be answered please complete them.  Competitors who have answered ALL the mandatory Registration questions. THANK YOU- well done !

- Competitors who have NOT answered all the online mandatory Registration questions, if they are not completed before arriving at the Inscription desk, WE WILL collect 50 euro and donate it to our Enduro for Romania charity fund.  You have been warned !
- Competitors can check if they have answered all the mandatory questions by clicking on their personal registration 'competitor account'.
The account number is in emails from Red Bull Romaniacs cristinab@xventure.net, questions NOT answered appear at the top of the registration page.

The Red Bull Romaniacs clothing and products collection

10.00-21:00 Our shop is selling 2024 Romaniacs branded products at the Romaniacs race Hotel.
Anyone can ONLINE purchase Red Bull Romaniacs products from the ONLINE event SHOP and have them delivered directly to your home country. 

Enduro for Romania the charity project of Red Bull Romaniacs

- There is a 'Enduro for Romania' collection point near the entrance to the Competitor Paddock.
- Charity shop - Motorcycle clothing and protection equipment will be sold at the "'Flea Market'' on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu during the day of the Prolog event

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