2022: Media Competitor Håvard Nevland

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye  'In Madness we trust'  Edition 19  July 26-30. 2022

Håvard Nevland #524 Bronze class from Norway made the request to be a 2022 'Media competitor' to be able to do 'On board camera filming' during Red Bull Romaniacs for videos and photographs for his Facebook (Meta) and Instagram account

His Facebook(Meta) reports:-
Offroad day 3
Prolog qualification racing be one of the 35 ranked competitors to race in the Prolog Finals.

- He won the bronze and his win was featured in our during the event 2022 LIVE news

Event action photographs including Håvard Nevland on the Bronze Podium

From 2021 On Board camera filming during Red Bull Romaniacs ''Offroad event days'' is not permitted without written and agreed permissions.

- The 'Nations city ride and Prolog media show'  and the 'In-city Prolog' can be filmed with Onboard cameras

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