2022: Media Competitors Team Japan

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 
In Madness we trust  Edition 19  July 26-30. 2022

Team Japan reports
Challenge to Romania

Reito Yamamoto videos

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Bronze class FINISHERS - Team Japan      
#475 Rank 111 Takuya Oku 

#451 Rank 130 Yu Yokota 

#356 Rank 162 Daisuke Okaniwa 

Gold Class - Team Japan
#24 Rank 30 Ayato Yamamoto  

#25 Rank 31 Ayato Sasaki

 #854  Rank 47 Michael Schlabitz

Japanese hard enduro Website (https://www.off1.jp)   

On Board camera filming during Red Bull Romaniacs ''Offroad event days'' is not permitted without written and agreed permissions.

- The 'Nations city ride and Prolog media show'  and the 'In-city Prolog' can be filmed with Onboard cameras

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